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Since watching the original STAR WARS as a young child, Greg Tyler has imagined that he was saving the galaxy and exploring the cosmos in a science-fiction context. In 1990 he began to conceive of a science-fiction backdrop for an ongoing series of stories. In 1993 he thought up a cast of characters for a never-produced sci-fi farce show called The Far Out Adventures of Dick Dung, Space Hero. In the mid-to-late 1990s, while an undergraduate student, Greg doodled ad nauseum ideas for inexpensive, modularized spaceship set walls which could be reoriented and rearranged to depict a variety of sci-fi-riffic interiors.

Greg’s interest in movie making came about from his interest in science-fiction films. At Star Trek conventions and local comic book stores, Greg discovered CineMagic and Cinefex magazines, but the idea that actually making a movie could be done on the cheap didn’t occur to him until after he graduated from university late in 1999. In 2000 Greg met a number of fellow sci-fi aficionados, and he managed to convince some of them to help him realize what would become his “magnum dopus” — a super-low-budget science-fiction farce called ASTRONUTS. Ten years later ASTRONUTS was finally completed, and ideas for other productions began to brew.

Greg came up with the name “shoestringscifi” sometime in 2001, probably while editing the ASTRONUTS teaser trailer for its debut at SerenityCon III, a fan-run sci-fi media convention which took place in August of that year. An earlier name for the unofficial production effort was “Rogue Planet Productions.” “Shoestringscifi” seemed more apropos, since Greg’s movie-making interest was in making sci-fi movies on a shoestring budget.

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